Tyler County Amateur Radio Association supports two repeaters in Tyler county:

WD5TYL-R is a club maintained repeater on 147.220 MHz, positive offset, PL tone 100.0 Hz.  It is located in Doucette, TX. It transmits 140 watts PEP into a DB224 Exposed Quasi-Omni Dipole (6.0 dBd) at a tower height of 175 ft.  WD5TYL-R now has Echo-Link capabilities!  The Node Number is 707516 (Visit for more information)

KF5YDH-R is a privately owned and maintained repeater on 145.250 MHz, negative offset, PL tone 123.0 Hz.  It is owned by Floyd Petri, KF5YDH, and is located in Chester, TX.  It is a GE Mastr II  running 100 watts PEP into a Cushcraft Ringo Ranger ARX-2B (7.0 dBi) at a tower height of 65 ft.