"The Tailgate"

Welcome to "The Tailgate."  This page will be used to buy/sell or trade amateur radio related materials.

FOR SALE - Ranger RCI-5054DX-100 6 meter all mode in pristine condition.  VERY LOW hours of use.  Also Deluxe MFJ 6 meter anrenna tuner.  This rig is in New condition with the warantee stickers pristine and intact.

Baluns and dipoles for sale.  I build baluns for center fed as well as off center fed dipoles.  1:1 or 4:1  These are heavy duty construction with a 1.5kW power rating.  If you tell me what bands you wish to operate in and I also can build you a pre-tuned dipole in which ever configuration you request.  If you need one please contact Chuck Petri, KF5YDG by email at kf5ydg@wd5tyl.org or call 936-635-0060

Want to buy a CD-515 Power Cable for a BC-669 WW II Transceiver. The cable that connects a BC-669 Transceiver with a PE-110 Power Supply is the CD-515 cable. The Radios come in models A, B, C and D and so do the Power Cables which are 12 pin cables. I will take any model CD-515 cable including unmarked ones. My only requirement is that they be in excellent condition and serviceable. I have a BC-669-B and a BC-669-D that I am restoring. I have been looking for cables for over a year with no luck. I would appreciate any Ham Fest that you attend that you will keep an eye out for a CD-515 Power Cable for me. If you have one for sale or know of one please contact Floyd Petri, KF5YDH by email at kf5ydh@wd5tyl.org or call 936-635-2556

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